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Our Mission

"At your Corner Clinic Home, You are the priority and we focus on YOU. We proudly provide quality care to those ages six months and up with superior customer service in mind. We are honored to treat your illness, injuries, and meet your basic health needs in a manner that is both proactive and preventative. Through experience, education, compassion, and commitment, we care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs in our homelike atmosphere. Our goal is to listen, teach, and involve you in your healthcare treatment decisions. Welcome to "your" healthcare home while we care for you and your loved ones".

Serving Gibson, Carroll, Madison, and surrounding counties

Our Services

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Primary Care Visits

These are scheduled visits every three to six months to treat chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid issues and routine follow-ups for medication management and lab review (blood work). Initial visits require more time however, refills when condition is more stable are more brief. If specialist requires referrals would be completed at these visits as well. An appointment is required for the first visit. 

Cost is $80 if self-pay


DOT Physicals

Provider is DOT certified to complete in-depth physical exam, check (screen) vision, hearing, and urine to eliminate certain health issues. Medical, surgical, medication history is required for this physical by Federal and State Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These are paid by you or your employer as insurance does not cover them. By appointment only. 

Cost is $100

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Sports Physicals

Quick yet thorough exams utilizing your school's required paperwork to review family and personal medical history as well as complete exam that assesses all body systems. Payable by patient not covered by insurance. Working are possible.

Cost is $40 if self-pay

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Annual Check-ups

Lab work (blood or urine if indicated) review of all body systems. Thorough physical evaluation and discussion of home, environmental, and automobile safety issues. These exams are not always quick in and out. Appointments are required. Remember we take our time because your health matters. 

Cost is $125 if self-pay

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Women's Health Visits

Annual gynecological exam in our most spacious and comfortable environment. Complete physical, Pap smear, labs of needed and breast exam with referrals for mammography if age and time appropriate. These take longer than a routine primary care visit and are typically scheduled in the morning hours. Work-ins are possible. 

Cost is $125 if self-pay

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Weight Management

Initial visits will be more lengthy. Labs drawn as well as a visit plan and follow up scheduled for the monitoring success in your individual program. Appointments are recommended.

The cost of the first visit is $125 and then $80 if self- pay or uncovered

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IV Infusions

We accept appointments and eventually quick scheduling. These visits require cash pay as insurance does not cover the cost. The prices vary according to the type of infusion. The purpose of these IV infusions is to boost the immune system, hydrate, rejuvenate, recover, relieve, (headaches and hangovers) and provide energy. These are great to recover from viral illnesses that lead to fatigue, brain fog, & Headaches.

The cost varies from $85 to $180. Plus any extra add-ons

These are not-covered by insurance.

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